Travel Award


  • The travel award is a means of the Swiss Society of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology (SSTMP) to support the attendance of scientific meetings by young scientists working in Swiss research institutions.

  • The travel awards are limited to an amount of CHF 1000. Payments will be made against presentation of the relevant receipts for travel and accommodation and only paid into institutional accounts. 

  • The SSTMP travel awards are exclusively meant to support attendance at scientific meetings and not for supporting other work-related travel (such a field work). In principle, the meeting should be taking place outside Switzerland.


  • Any student working in a relevant field (applied and experimental tropical medicine, veterinary, human or general parasitology) towards a doctoral degree (PhD, MD, VMD) in a Swiss university or research organization is eligible.

  • Award recipients don’t have to be members of the SSTMP, but their supervisors should be members. Recipients are encouraged to join the SSTMP.

  • Nominations should be addressed to one of the committee members of the SSTMP, who will in turn inform the other committee members.

  • The request should be made in form of a letter or email message and include a brief outline of the nominee’s work, the purpose of the travel and summary meeting documentation.

  • There are two deadlines for submission each year: the 1st of April (for travels planned June-December) and 1st of November (for travel planned January-June of the following year). The committee of the SSTMP will allocate half the available budget into two half-year amounts and requests will be considered until the maximum amount for the period is reached.


  • The award is financed through the regular SSTMP budget.

Submission process

  1. Letter or email message with outline of the applicant’s work, the purpose of the travel and summary meeting documentation.
  2. Provide a budget for the entire travel and request specific amount (max. CHF 1000.-) as financial contribution. Indicate other sources and amount of funding, or post-travel reimbursements (University travel fonds and the likes)
  3. Provide a supporting letter of the supervisor
  4. Submit the documentation to the Secretary
  5. All applicants are informed about the decision on their application. If the award is approved the awardee submits an invoice (template for the invoice is sent with award notification) to the treasurer.